Palestine Relief

We Are on the Ground – HELP BUY AN AMBULANCE FOR GAZA. With over 200 deaths and thousands of causalities, the attacks Palestinians have faced with the absolute worst conditions beyond our imaginations. ICNA Calgary is currently working with ICNA Relief Canada to help BUY AN AMBULANCE FOR GAZA/PALESTINE. In addition, providing cooked meals, food […]

$1013 Donated

Eid Gifts for Needy Kids

Baithak Schools provide education to children of very poor families free of cost in rural areas of Karachi and in Balochistan. This Eid put a smile on their faces with your generous donations in-sha-Allah. ICNA Calgary is planning to raise $ 10,000 to buy clothes for over 1,000 schoolchildren and food for their families.

$575 Donated

COVID-19 Relief India

The COVID-19 situation in India is unlike anything ever seen in the world. With hundreds of thousands of new cases every day, the need for immediate aid is imperative. ICNA Calgary is collecting funds to support our partner ICNA Relief who are providing medical equipment, hygiene kits, and food packages to those affected by the […]

$465 Donated

YOUNG Muslims

2020 Community Work for Cleaning up Calgary City, River and Pathways

$165 Donated


Give your sadaqah to the poor through ICNA Sadaqah (voluntary charity) is a virtuous deed in Islam. In fact, it is considered as a proof of one’s eeman (faith). A number of sayings of the Prophet (SAW) emphasise the benefits of giving Sadaqah.“Sadaqah extinguishes sin as water extinguishes fire.” [Tirmidhi] “The believer’s shade on the Day […]

$345 Donated


Our Dawah team is a group of volunteers dedicated to carrying the Prophetic Tradition of sharing Islam with compassion and wisdom through programs and activities such as: One On One Dawah, Street Dawah, Dawah Booths, Dawah in Parks, Dawah in Malls, Dawah in City Events, Dawah Training for everyone, Dawah Billboard, Programs in Public Libraries […]

$365 Donated

Food Bank


$415 Donated


“And establish prayer and give/pay zakat, and whatever good you put forward for yourselves – you will find it with Allah. Indeed, Allah of what you do, is Seeing.” [Al-Quran 2:110]

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Donate Your Zakat-Ul-Fitr Before Eid

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ICNA Calgary General Donation.

-Food Bank
-Sisters Programs
-Youth Programs

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