Treasury Department

Our Mission:money

To raise the spirit of giving and stressing the importance of spending in the Way of Allah (SWT) among all Muslims in general, and among MGA’s and Members so that it becomes a source for their personal training and purification of their hearts & to provide financial support to the Movement in order to make important resources available to support the Organization.

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What are our Resources of Income?

  1. Monthly Member’s donations
  2. Other donations by members and non-members.

Your support helps in achieving the following goals:

  1. Outreach activities.
  2. Tarbiyah and development of sisters.
  3. On-line Institute for Women- an opportunity for all sisters to increase their Islamic knowledge.
  4. Printing and Publishing of dawah material.
  5. Noor Magazine for women.
  6. Companion Magazine for children.
  7. Support activities of “Muslim children of North America”.
  8. Convention- organizing programs for the whole family.
  9. ¬†Flyers, circulars, Cd’s.
  10. Website- maintaining and updating.donate


Keeping in view the obligation and sensitivity of the bait-ul-maal, the accounts of ICNA Sisters’ wing are audited on a yearly basis by an external accounting firm. This helps in keeping a check and balance on all income and expenses incurred in order to carry out dawah and outreach activities.r to make important resources available to support the Organization.

Please donate generously.

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